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ARZ Tech Inc is a contract manufacturer headquartered in the US with manufacturing facilities in Asia. We aim to bring the cost savings of international manufacturing without all the operational overhead.

Our services specialize in the design and manufacturing of plastic injection molding, cable harness, PCB/PCBS, Metal parts and OEM products.

plastic injection molding factory
Multi-National Team

We have team members in both US and Asia to tackle any issues in a timely manner

Industry Experience

We have the experience and connections to solve all your manufacturing and logistics needs

Small - Mid Companies

Tap into the benefits of international manufacturing without needing to hire a dedicated team just for manufacturing

 ISO 9001:2015 Certified


ARZ TECH INC is committed to delivering manufacturing excellence, driving innovation, and fostering collaborative partnerships. We optimize value, ensure cost-effective solutions, and dedicate ourselves to empowering client success.

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