Quality-Centric Process


Our goal is to ensure a smooth and worry free production process for our clients. Quality is at the forefront of our mind at Arz Tech. Our facilities are certified (ISO-9001:2015, ISO-14001:2015) and our process is designed for quality.

For all new productions, we first begin by making sure the product is designed with manufacturability in mind and to mitigate as many potential risks as possible before production even begins. After a final design is agreed upon and approved, we will begin the production process.

We utilize an iterative approach to our production process. A limited sample production run is first used to check for any issues the equipment or design that may have been missed. Samples are then sent to our customers for their review and input. Once everything is smooth and a go ahead is given, a full production run is initiated.

Random product quality checks are performed during production to catch potential errors ahead of time. In addition, post production, a strict quality check and functional tests are performed to ensure quality, as well as adherence to any additional criteria from the client.

Flexible Production Management


Flexibility for our clients is always a concern for us. For mature product lines with recurring needs, we offer blanket purchase orders with ahead of time production management. Access additional bulk savings through a blanket purchase order and shorten your lead time as we manage your production process so you have the amount of products you need on demand.

Based on on our clients’ annual forecast projections and other demand data, we will produce a batch of products in anticipation of need. Then, we can quickly deliver a portion of goods when requested.

We will manage this process so that we can have a buffer of finished products that is ready to deliver on demand. 


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